REAS is partner of the second edition of postgraduate manager studies for developers of the Warsaw University and Polish Union of Developers

REAS was invited to lecture in postgraduate manager studies for developers co-organized by the Warsaw University and the Polish Union of Developers.

It is the second edition of the program, designed for the management, specialists and entrepreneurs from the developer’s business, particularly for residential development sector. The inauguration of academic year will took place on October 10 2009. The opening lecture will be delivered by Kazimierz Kirejczyk, REAS president.

In the winter semester, in March 2010 Grzegorz Żochowski, Partner in REAS and Head of Capital Markets Team, will lecture a class on ?Investment process in real estate – business plan/feasibility studies”. The subject scope featured analysis of absorption, costs of investment implementation, project budgeting as well as prognoses of financial liquidity and financial results.

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